Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Daily Coffee & Promote Checklist - by 3zArt

Hooray! We have our first "guest blogger" on Ninja Knowledge!

I am so excited! 3zArt has kindly offered to share with you her daily checklist for promoting your studios!

Please take the time to stop by her studio or her blog and thank her when you finish reading her awesome post!

My Daily Coffee & Promote Checklist

* Originally posted here on March 3, 2009 *

Without a doubt getting your name out there is one of the biggest and most difficult parts of online selling (well selling in general). As I approach my one year anniversary of online selling (yay) I've been trying to get a daily checklist together of things I should do to promote and decided sharing my list may help others as well. Everyday I try to get up at 8:00am and usually drink coffee until about 10:00am. Originally I would just spend this time responding to e-mails and browsing the web, but I have found that these 2 hours can be much better spent. So here is what I do or want to do every morning while I drink my coffee to help bring more exposure to my shops(at the moment I am really focused on promoting my Artfire studio so many of these will refer to Artfire). *NOTE* One HUGE piece of advice: Do NOT spam other members! When I say "write on someones wall" or "comment on their page" talk to them, don't just say something to promote your shop.

Plurk/Twitter - (I do both but most of my attention goes to plurk). Stop in and say "Hi!", talk to a few people, then if the timing is good drop a link. DO NOT just post links. That will just irritate people and most likely lose you friends/followers.

Stumble Upon 1 Artfire Artisan or Item--not your own! Not only is it just a nice thing to do, but bringing traffic to the site in general brings traffic to you.

IndiePublic - Welcome, compliment, or just say "Hi!" to 2-3 members. If you have photos try to upload a photo a day to your IndiePublic.

1000Markets - Write on 2-3 other members' walls/blogs.

ByHand - Join in atleast 1 forum thread, comment on a blog post, and comment on a spotlight. If time permits create a spotlight promoting other sellers.

Artfire - Post in the "Item of the Day" thread (if you need help posting a picture see here: How To Post An Image).

Blogger - Reply to atleast 3 other bloggers' posts.

Etsy or Artfire - If time permits try and help out someone with a question in the Etsy or Artfire Forums.

This is just the beginning of my daily checklist. As I start to get into the habit of doing all of these I hope to add much more. If anyone else has suggestions for the morning checklist I would love to hear it! As always best of luck to everyone! Thanks for reading =)



Thanks so much, 3zArt! I hope you will be back with some more great information soon!


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