Friday, April 17, 2009

Using Facebook to Promote Your Studio - Part 1

Many of us already use Facebook as a way to keep up with friends and family, but are you using your Facebook account to its fullest potential? There are quite a few ways to use Facebook to promote, and today I'm just going to show you a quick easy tip to get you started.

The way Facebook works, it keeps a "timeline" of all your recent activity and broadcasts it to everyone in your friend list/network. For instance, if you set your status to "Having a good day", everyone that logs on can see that little blurb about your life. Using this status is one way you can promote (by saying something like "Great sale going on today in my studio!"), but sometimes that just isn't enough. First of all, you've only given a bit of vague information, and second, there's not really much there to make your update stand out from all the other updates.

Instead, how about creating an update that has everything you need all rolled into one? By using the "Add a Link" feature, you are able to promote your studio/sale/blog, show a picture, and provide a clickable link to your studio! To do this, log into your Facebook account (or create one if you don't already have one!) and follow these steps:

1. On the top of the window that shows your facebook account, click on "Profile".

2. Find the box that looks like this:

and click inside the typing area.

3. You should notice that the box changes, and now looks like this:

Click "Link"

4. The box will expand like this:

Type (or copy/paste) your studio URL (or item/blog URL) in the second box and hit "Attach".

5. As long as the page you are linking to has any graphic on it, the box will expand again and you will now see a graphic showing. (If you're linking to your Artfire studio, chances are the first thing you will see will be your verified artisan icon).

Click the arrows beside the picture till you find one that suits you.

6. In the box above the picture, type in text pertaining to the link (if you wish).

7. Hit "Share". You should see it show up in your timeline like this:

Your "all in one" update is done! Now every person on your friends list will see it the next time they log in!

* I know this may seem like very basic information to a lot of you, but I just wanted to cover all the bases before I moved onto things like creating pages and paid advertising. Please forgive me if it is too simplistic. *

p.s. If you aren't already one of my Facebook friends, I'd love for you to add me so I don't miss any of your fancy new updates!


Crystal from KIZZ April 17, 2009 at 12:04 PM  

Hi Ninja Jenn! I am using facebook in this way and also created a store page. I use both. Wish i had created my store as a separate account cause can't link to it separtately and not sure I want to put my personal profile out to the whole world. If I start a new business profile I don't know if i can transfer existing info to it. Do you know?

I am going to add you as a friend and you can see my stuff....:)

Can you tell me how to add the tweet this button to each of my blog posts, like you have?
thanx Crystal from KIZZ

Jenn April 17, 2009 at 12:07 PM  

hi crystal!

i'm not sure about transferring your info from FB page to FB page.. i don't think it can be done, but it's worth a shot...

as for the retweet button... go here and that should walk you through it!

i'll let you know if i can figure out anything to help with FB!

thanks for reading, btw!


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